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Cloudera introduces 4th version of CDH into beta

Cloudera (one of the most established distributions of Apache Hadoop) has announced the beta availability of 4th version of Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH).

According to Cloudera announcement, this version has many improvements and new capabilities introduced by combining the input from enterprise customers and partners with rigorous effort of Cloudera engineering and Apache open source community.

Following improvements where announced for this release, made available for you to test:

  • Availability – a high availability namenode, better job isolation, hard drive failure handling, and multi-version support (High Availability guide can be found here).
  • Utilization – multiple namespaces, co-processors and a slot-less resource management model.
  • Performance – improvements in HBase, HDFS, MapReduce and compression performance.
  • Usability – broader BI support, expanded API access, unified file formats & compression codecs.
  • Security – scheduler ACL’s (access control list).

To view the overall release notes for CDH4 Beta 1 (CDH4B1) click here, and other updated documentation is available from this page. Installation instructions can be found here.


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